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Hi I am Avril

I chose the name serenity healing as I was searching for serenity within. I sought refuge in nature and now hiking is a much loved hobby of mine, mother nature has a wonderful way of bringing us home. Time spent in nature is a great antidote for stress. it can reduce nervous system arousal, increase self esteem, reduce anxiety the benefits are endless and she gives her love and healing unconditionally. I swam in her oceans as she cleansed my insecurities this was the start of my healing journey. 

I come from a background of deep trauma and my own healing journey began five years ago and reiki entered my life it was from here I learned alot about the importance of setting healthy boundries and values I instantly knew my life was taking a much needed change in direction.


My own healing journey began five years ago, I started to hike regularly I fell in love with the great outdoors mother nature has a wonderful way of releasing negative energy and creating a sense of balance. I continued my studies in wellness and completed my Yoga teacher training and I now proudly hold 260 hours to include Hatha, vinyassa flow' Yin Yoga  and Yoga nidra meditation teacher. The practice of yoga really teaches you to gain confidence and strenght in your own wellbeing to live in your own mind and body with clarity and direction is all about mind control you are not your thoughts or your emotions and you learn the art of observation you become the witness and are no longer the victim in your own story but you become your own hero.

In my practice, I combine  Energy Healing, Alternative Therapies, a variety of targeted Massage techniques,  positive mind-set coaching and EFT (emotional freedom technique)  I will design your treatment in accordance with your needs to ignite the best healing solutions for you and your wellbeing  This experience will help you to instantly relax, realign with your inner self and identify with the peace and stillness of your body and mind.

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