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Sea Stone Therapy

Reconnect with the earth energy,  Sea stone therapy  massage,  a holistic healing art. heated sea stones are specifically placed on the body offering theraputic and wellness benefits. Hand selected round and oval shaped basalt stones from the ocean beach where waves have worn the stones smooth.

Full Body Sea Stone Massage
60 MINS | €85

Nourishing warm coconut oil  is drizzled over your body,  heated stones sooth muscular pain encouraging your muscles to relax. easing stiffness and tension. Includes head, neck and shoulder massage.

Image by engin akyurt
Relaxing Facial

Sea Stone Delux
90 MINS | €115

Enter a world of tranquility. Commencing with a soothing sea stone back massage using coconut melt body balm and a personalised holistic facial with  head, neck and shoulder massage

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